The Social Media Takeover

Social media has taken over the lives of most (if not all) individuals that have access to a smart phone, tablet or computer. Social media is used in our daily lives for a vast majority of reasons. We use social media in our personal and professional lives in order to connect, expand our networking opportunities, and promote our businesses. The question is: is social media really helping, or harming our future and current careers?

As I have grown up, my knowledge of the pros and cons of social media, as well as what is appropriate or not to post on social media, has greatly expanded. When we post something online, no matter if we eventually go onto delete it, or if it is only online for a few seconds-the post is online for forever. We need to be well aware of what we are posting before it is posted for anyone in the world to see. Wether we have our accounts on private or not, anything that we put online has the ability to end up into the hands of any individual at anytime.

So, what does all of this mean for our future careers? Well, simply put, social media can make or break our careers in the future. Whether it be a picture of someone holding alcohol, or participating in any illegal or inappropriate behavior, our future employers are able to access these photos and can then choose not to hire us based on what they see on social media. This is incredibly important for us to keep in mind if we want a job in the future. For myself, I have had a few jobs since the age of 16. I have always been cautious of what I post online, knowing that my boss could end up seeing what I was posting. I knew that no matter what I commented on, liked, or shared, could end up in the hands of my future employers. Today, my current boss and coworkers follow me on a few of my social media platforms, so I try my best to keep my posting classy and professional and truly think about what I am posting before I do so.

So many different aspects of our lives our online nowadays. School, emails, job hunting, and social media are just a few of the major ways in which social media is used each day. Children are starting to get cell phones at much younger ages than older generations have in the past, and people constantly have their heads in their phones while they are socializing, relaxing, or even at work. Social media has truly taken over our lives.

While social media plays a great role in my personal life, I also use social media in my current place of employment. I am in charge of posting on our companies Instagram page in order to ensure that we are bringing in new customers and higher numbers of sales each day. Seeing first hand how a post is able to be shared, and viewed by thousands in a matter of seconds has truly shown me the value that social media plays when it comes to expanding a company name. Social media can be harmful if we are not using it correctly; however, if we are using social media in a positive, and creative way, it has the potential to have many rewards for a business.

Going forward, I will continue to use social media has a positive platform to share my life with my friends and family. I will continue to be tentative of the pictures that I post and ensure that I am never posting something that I wouldn’t want my future employer to see.

So, what do you think? Do you agree or disagree that social media has the ability to be helpful in our daily lives if used correctly? Or do you believe that social media is far too overused and creates more negative repercussions than positive? I would love to hear your opinions!



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